Career Counseling

Career Counseling


There was a time when young men and women finished school, found a good job, settled in and worked at the same company for 25-30 years. Trends have changed a great deal. Today when young men and women finish school, whether that is high school or post secondary, the search for a good job remains the same but the lifelong commitment to the company has changed.

Typically we are changing jobs/careers every 3-5 years. These changes can create stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety is not uncommon. Often when we are faced with situations that are unknown to us we become unsettled and without knowledge of proper coping strategies this unsettled feeling can result in stress, sleepless nights, uncertainty and eventually can lead to anxiety about going to work or anxiety about our ability to make decisions about our lives. In other words, we begin to doubt ourselves. 

We have helped hundreds of young men and women transition from high school to post-secondary, high school to the work force either into the trades or retail, long serving employees that have decided to make a change and recent University graduates that have lost sight of what they want to do. We help individuals find a focus, a direction, a driving force for motivation. Using different resources such as the Government of Alberta’s Learning Information Service we can set up a new plan to ensure you are successful in your new venture.

Starting in the fall of 2017 we will have a Life Coach on staff ready to assist clients with a variety of lifes challenges such as: confidence, self worth, self esteem, self care, living with purpose, and managing anger, upsets, frustration and stress. This will initially be provided via phone and skype sessions. 

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