Couples Counseling

The majority of conflicts between couples stems from finances and or communication issues. Communication is the single most important thing you can do to repair and maintain your relationship. The key concept we discuss during couples counseling is:
Communication leads to Understanding, which leads to Support. It is very difficult to gain support and understanding if you have not communicated what the issue is, what you need, or what you hope for.


When there is conflict between you and someone you love, this conflict tends to spread into the other relationships in your life. One of the most disruptive situations in one's life is when there is conflict between you and someone you love. Conversely, when you feel loved and supported, there is understanding in the relationship, and you can progress in life with enthusiasm and with a true partner in life.

Couple's Counselling is a technique by which you can bring understanding to the relationship you have with any loved one. Often, the relationship which is the most volatile and most potentially disruptive is the relationship between oneself and one's spouse. However, Couple's Counselling is effective in straightening out any close relationship: between you and a son, a daughter, a relative, a lover, a close business associate, anyone with whom you feel close.


What brings conflict between you and a loved one is a break in the communication. As a result, a sense of separation and disharmony creeps into the relationship. You do not feel close or understood by the person anymore. Maybe you feel that you no longer understand the other. Remember, communication builds understanding which leads to support.

Conflict can be worked out when communication between you and the other is maintained. Thus, harmony is maintained and you can go on with your life together happy and fulfilled.

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